Anatomy & Physiology
Cortex & Medulla – Explanation of some common anatomical words
Heart Chambers – Explaining the chambers of the heart
Heart Valves – Explaining the valves of the heart
Linings of the Body Cavities – Naming the linings of the body cavities
Negative Feedback Mechanisms – Discussion on the homeostatic shut-off mechanism of negative feedback
Panting for Thermoregulation –  How dogs keep their cool
Villi & Cilia – The differences between two projections found on the body’s internal surfaces
Peristalsis – How the body moves substances through
Mitochondria – The energy generators of the cell

Health and Disease
Chemotaxis – attraction of immune cells to sites of infection

Carbohydrates – a look at the three types of carbohydrates

Diarrhoea – and how to spell it

The Five Freedoms – A summary of the meaning behind the ‘Five Freedoms’ of animal welfare

Identifying Lice – Identifying biting and sucking lice

Drugs and Medicine
Antagonism – Competitive vs Non-competitive antagonism